Winter’s dry air constantly dehydrates the skin. To battle dry skin, our recommendation in the winter is all about hydration. To cleanse, use Cleansing Milk to clean and hydrate simultaneously. After cleansing, spritz with our hydrating toner to help correct the skin’s PH. After the toner drys, apply Restoring Bio Serum, which delivers essential growth factors to help regenerate the skin and heal the complexion. Follow with the restoring Bio Cream to hydrate and retain moisture. In the morning, follow the same routine but try Calming Cream to keep irritated and dry skin in check. Always finish morning preparations with a good sunscreen. Our building blocks for good skin health include growth factors, peptides, stem cells, and antioxidants. Titok Naturals® uses all-natural ingredients and derivatives of these important components to provide the very best and most effective skincare.