What Do Doctors Say?

“Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is not magic — it’s a process. Surgery by definition is injury and with any injury there is healing that must take place. With skill, and utilization of the best technologies, this period can be minimized but never completely avoided. This comes with a temporary emotional price when the high of deciding on a change clashes with the reality of recovery. This is the time that having expert care for swelling and bruising using lymphatic massage and just the right products can make all the difference. For me, Eva is that special provider with the ‘healing touch’.”

Stanley G. Poulos, M.D.
Plastic Surgery Specialists


“With her vast experience in assisting the healing process, Eva is aware of some of the emotional and psychological effects that people experience post-operatively. She can help provide the information and reassurance you may need about your procedure, answer questions, and explain what to expect during the stages of healing. Just a few days after surgery, post-operative care should begin to speed healing, relieve pain and minimize swelling.”

Mark Zaslav, Ph.D.