After learning more about how this particular treatment helps recovery after surgery and experiencing the results, I was sold. After each treatment, I experienced a visible decrease in swelling. The pain level also went down dramatically in the days that followed. My body felt rejuvenated, sort of tingling all over and alive. I am so glad I made the decision to spend the money on the Lymphatic Wellness Treatment with Eva. It has been amazing! In a mental way as well, I feel more positive about my recovery, like I’m doing the best possible thing to heal properly. I couldn’t be happier with the decision to do the Postoperative Wellness Treatment, and the results I’ve seen! Thank you, Eva!

Monica M.

I went to the Beauty Salon post-surgery for lymphatic massages due to some extra swelling and soreness I had after my surgery. I cannot recommend Eva enough! Again, I was a bit skeptical about the massage and its effects, but I saw and felt immediate results. Before my first massage with Eva, I could hardly walk (due to pain from the fat transfer) and could not move my arms much. She had me walking around much easier and suddenly I was able to lift my arms above my head, a week after my surgery. I have kept returning to her for the lymphatic massages and am constantly impressed with how much better I feel after. She has really helped speed up the healing process.

Ellie C.

Last month I had a Quick Lift, which is essentially a lower face and neck lift. I was pleasantly surprised when the surgeon’s office offered two complimentary lymphatic drainage massages to speed my recovery. The practitioner is Eva Claiborne, who has decades of experience in skin care and a special interest in treating postoperative patients like me. After one session with her, I booked four additional massages. In addition to the treatments, she has a wealth of knowledge about the recovery process. I highly recommend Eva for postoperative patients who want to achieve the best outcomes.

Cindy L.

Post-op lymphatic massages with Eva were highly recommended by Dr. Douglas and he was absolutely right. Eva helped get me through a very difficult time with fluid drainage. We are getting to a beautiful result about 1-month post-op. She truly knows what she is doing and will not rest until she gets a good result. Cannot speak highly enough about Eva! I’ll likely continue to see her for facials and skincare as well.

Mary H

I was skeptical about how much my sun-damaged skin would improve after six HydraFacial treatments. And I’m very impressed. I see a big difference and friends have asked what I’ve done to make my skin look so good. Eva’s Hungarian beauty tips and specialized face massage are a bonus!

Mimi Towle, Mill Valley

Eva is an absolute magician, her hands are magic. I have had 5 lymphatic body treatments. All my bloat and extra fluid is gone and I know my lymphatic system is working well. My body has completely changed for the better. I would recommend this treatment to everyone. Eva is an expert.

Barbie C.

Eva’s skill and care have completely changed my skin. I went through many facialists, and even dermatologists, before finding Eva. I am thrilled to recommend her to my friends, and do that all the time, knowing that she will help them as much as she has helped me. And she is incredibly supportive and caring, so seeing her is good for the soul, as well as the body!

Gibson Thomas

Eva provides a wonderfully personalized service in advanced skin care. Drawing from her extensive training in Europe and continued research in skin care and results-oriented products, clients can be assured they will receive an exemplary service tailored to their particular needs.

Janice G

I had the most amazing facial from Eva! First you walk into her beautiful salon, and the aroma is just so fresh and relaxing. She has it set up so professional and clean. My facial was amazing and she was gentle, knowledgeable, thorough and all around great. I recommend her to everyone.

Susan G.

Eva is by far the best! She is extremely knowledgeable and highly skilled in skin care. Her hands are magical, her own skin care line is superb, and her salon is a beautiful and serene environment. In addition, she is a pleasure to be with!!!

Carol Augustus

Eva’s facials are the best–resulting in immediate visual changes and on-going therapeutic results. None surpasses her expertise, caring and skill. Do yourself a favor and seek out care from of the best aesthetician in the around.

Rachelle Goering

I have known Eva for more than 20 years and have had a wonderful personal and professional relationship with her. She understands the skin business from her European roots to the latest products and procedures; she works with salons and surgeons to be top in her field. I wish her good luck in all her endeavors.

Joan Edwards

Eva performs magic. I had a hydro-facial with Eva this past weekend; it was my first visit with her and I was so impressed I have already booked future appointments and referred her to friends. Her knowledge and approach really spoke to me and between the facial and products I decided to try, my skin is glowing and I really am so happy to have found her.

Angie H.

Wow! I was pleasantly surprised to discover Eva recently. I have had skin allergies since I was a teenager and many treatments by very expensive dermatologists. This facial was a surprisingly good experience. Eva took the time to listen to my concerns and explained her European training and approach for healthier skin. Not only was her facial a very comfortable and relaxing experience, but also the results have been surprisingly long lasting. My skin feels and looks much better since I have been using some of Eva’s recommendations.

Chris H.

Amazing! The best facial I’ve ever had! Eva uses techniques that massage and relax the neck and face, include the eye area, while incorporating products that make my skin have a healthy glow. I’ve seen Eva several times, and she takes the time to examine what I might need for that visit – i.e., addressing sun damage, and stress reduction, anti-aging.

Susan M.

I recently stopped in at Eva’s for a facial, and the service was fantastic as always. I have extremely sensitive skin, and Eva always seems to know just what to do to treat it. More importantly, she has the right products that keep me from being blotchy and red. I also had a relaxing massage, which Eva performed very skillfully. Not too much pressure, and she asked me where she should target. I walked out feeling great, and looking good.


I have been Eva’s client for HydraFacials and Microneedling for years now. Eva is the real deal. She cares about the overall health and beauty of my skin and adds little extras to my sessions. I always feel pampered.
Eva stays on top of the latest techniques and treatments and shares her knowledge freely. Her hands are magic.
I have used Obagi and swear by their products for what they do. Eva has her own product line for daily maintenance and they are amazing. My skin looks and feels wonderful. The compliments I get tell me it’s not just my opinion.

Carolyn S.

This place is magic. I’ve had sensitive skin issues my whole life and was never able to find a remedy. It was embarrassing to always have a red and blotchy face not to mention the irritation. Growing up in Marin and having access to some of the best healthcare in the world you’d think someone would be able to properly diagnose my condition. I was always told that nothing could be done and I’d just have to live with it. Eva told me the opposite. She knew exactly what I needed and her product immediately remedied my problem. It’s been two years now and my skin has greatly improved for the long run. Thank you so much for your guidance!

Nick E.

Eva provides the cutting edge technology with her HydraFacial machine. That, combined with her personal touch and soothing treatment, equals me VERY grateful I spent the time and money to get the very best on both levels. Eva clearly knows what she is doing and I’m not surprised her clients come to her for decades. It was my first time, just happened to find her as a tourist, and I’ll be back for more microdermabrasion with the vitamins and hydration. There was zero redness upon leaving and the products were top notch. I’ll be commuting from SF for this treatment with Eva on a regular basis.

Tiffany Lindsey

Eva really does have the magic touch. Our entire family has been seeing her for five years, she knows exactly how to handle all of our individual skincare needs and she continues to impress us with her knowledge and her kindness. What we appreciate most about Eva is that she is not only a consummate professional, but she’s always looking for and studying new treatments and techniques in skin care. She truly cares about making sure she offers the best, newest and most state of the art science and technology to ensure the finest possible skin care for her clients. I had a small scar on the side of his nose for many years, and Eva introduced to me a new treatment that helped eliminate the pigmentation so now it is almost unnoticeable, after only one simple treatment. We all highly recommend her.