Advanced Certification Program

As the aesthetics and spa industry evolves, skincare professionals need to keep up with the changing demands and techniques. The Eva Claiborne Skin Institute recognizes the value of providing aesthetics professionals the education they need to confidently seek employment in the most respected spa.

The Eva Claiborne Institute, in picturesque Tiburon across the Bay from San Francisco, provides advanced technical and business training for skin and spa professionals seeking to enhance their skills and ensure client retention. The program draws upon Eva’s 40+ years of professional experience, which includes working and studying in spas across Europe as well as starting and running her own successful businesses in the United States. All of these signature face and body therapies, developed by Eva Claiborne, are available only for Titok Naturals® accounts. The Institute offers the following Hands-on Technical Training Programs:


II. Titok Naturals® TREATMENT PROTOCOLS (3-Days) – These Hungarian-based face and body treatments prepare the client for surgery, then teach them how to maintain healthy skin and lessen the effects of surgery. Instruction includes extensive “hands-on” practice and individual critique with a focus on:

  • SKIN ANALYSIS – Accurate analysis of the client’s skin type and condition is crucial to proper treatment. This course will show you how to quickly and confidently identify skin types and recommend the correct facial treatment program for each skin condition.
  • SENSITIVE /ROSACEA AND ALLERGIC SKIN  – This hands-on training program demonstrates how to recognize sensitive, irritated and allergic skin and shows you the best techniques for safely and effectively treating this common skin condition. This treatment is specifically created for red, irritated, allergy prone skin as well as rosacea, eczema and cancer patients.
  • AGING /DEHYDRATED SKIN  – This facial treatment is specifically created for aging, dehydrated skin. It helps improve and maintain skin hydration, rejuvenation, protects skin from UV radiation and prevents premature aging.
  • OILY /ACNE SKIN FOR ADULTS AND TEENS – This course examines the routine causes of oily and acne conditions and how to effectively cleanse, balance, and purify the skin. We will demonstrate a gentle and effective exfoliation procedure and a special massage technique particularly suited to treatment of this condition. This treatment is specifically created for oily, congested skin with blackheads, whiteheads and acne. It helps balance oil gland production, reduce breakouts and inflammation, and improve hydration.
  • HORMONAL SKIN /SUN-DAMAGED, DRY, MATURE SKIN – This intensive training program will focus on the major causes of and principal treatments for aging, like wrinkles and discoloration. We also cover how clients can combat aging through proper in-home care and adjustments in lifestyle.

III. HUNGARIAN FACIAL MASSAGE (2-Days) – Learn Eva’s Hungarian Facial Massage techniques for skincare as well as the role massage plays in contributing to the client’s sense of well-being.

IV. SHELLS AND CHAKRAS (3-Days) – A signature body therapy developed by Eva. The treatment uses aromatherapy oils and slow wave motion to detoxify and deep relax the body while balancing the Chakras with seashells.

V. Titok Naturals® PRE AND POSTOPERATIVE LYMPHATIC WELLNESS TREATMENT (5-Days) – A patent pending signature face and body therapy developed by Eva Claiborne. This gentle treatment helps to stimulate the immune system and enhance cellular activity, detoxify and deep-relax the body, re-open and boost the lymphatic system. It will help to relieve pain, reduce swelling, minimize bruising and speed up the healing process. This class is only available for Titok Naturals® accounts after completion of previous classes.

Enrollment Prerequisites

  • Current, valid aesthetician license or medical professionals
  • Basic understanding of skin anatomy and treatment terminology
  • Ability to complete the program hours without interruption
  • Openness to learning new professional methods and the ability to keep up with the program and content