Our Eyes: How to Battle the Effects of Aging, Stress, and Lack of Sleep. The most delicate area on the face? Around the eyes. How to treat the area? Gently, consistently and with care. Remember, many factors are at play with aging skin; improper skin care, stress, poor nutrition, poor protection from the elements, and genetics. Some of us tend to develop dark under-eye circles as our skin becomes thinner in that area. Others of us are bothered by puffy eyes during allergy season. Below we outline eye treatment strategies.

3-Step Treatment Regimen: Help reduce lines, promote skin rejuvenation, and renew elasticity and vitality.  Minimize the appearance and intensity of dark circles under-eye area.

Step 1 – Dark Circle Corrector – A dynamic revitalizing eye serum that targets under-eye dark circles and hydrates around the eyes.

TIPS: This eye serum for everyone in the morning is also recommended for oily, acne skin.

Step 2Eye Firming Serum – This concentrated multi-peptide treatment helps decrease puffiness, tighten and firm skin, and smooth expression lines and wrinkles. It also gently hydrates skin around the eye areas. The eyes look visibly firmer and younger in as little as eight weeks.

Step 3 – Eye & Lip Cream – An intensive moisturizer specially formulated for the areas around the eyes and upper lip to increase elasticity, plump the skin, and minimizes fine vertical lines. Skin complexion appears younger and healthier.