Summer gives us long outdoor days with picnics on the beach or trail, lots of sun and beautiful vistas. We protect our skin with sunscreen, but it is often not a match for the extra sun and wind exposure.

We see many patients with skin that is stressed, dry, sun-damaged and dehydrated. In our spa we’ll recommend the sensitive hydrafacial treatment that is specifically designed to help red, allergy-prone and irritated skin. The facial gently exfoliates the damaged and dead skin cells, then drenches the complexion with hydrating and calming botanicals. When not in the office, your daily use solution is the Calming Kit.

The Calming Serum and Cream is packed with ingredients like Aloe Vera and Arnica, perfect for sensitive, dry and summer-damaged skin, as well after microneedling. It is the take-home product of the Sensitive Facial, which was created to refresh and calm the skin. Our summer activities always stress skin with too much sun and dry air, more outdoor-time and consequent hyperpigmentation. To battle stressed skin we use the well-known healer and anti-inflammatory Arnica. Used for centuries both topically and internally Arnica is the completely natural, botanically-based solution.