We formulate our product lines for all types of skin, but also for the changing seasons of the year.  Many may not realize how your skin benefits from skincare tailored to the changes that seasons will bring; for example, we recommend retinol for the fall, but not the summer season. To regenerate skin post-summer season, we recommend our serum formulated to do just that. Regenerating Serum and Cream are the antidote to skin that needs nourishment. This serum uses plant-based stem cells to revitalize and protect the skin on a deep, cellular level. This unique cocktail of regenerative plant actives and skin conditioners helps to protect the cells against UV stress, especially after the sunny season. 

Active Key Ingredients include:

  • PhytoCellTec® Alp Rose: protects skin stem cells
  • PhytoCellTec® Argan: improves the regeneration of dermal skin cells, reduces wrinkles
  • PhytoCellTec® Solar Vitis: protects skin stem cells against UV stress
  • Ferulic Acid: antioxidant, protects skin cells from UV damage
  • L-Arginine: amino acid that activates the production of protein, expedites wound healing and prevents tissue deterioration
  • Bisabolol: accelerates the healing process of skin

Use these products for your morning regimen to prevent oxidative stress throughout the day. Combiner non-irritating Retinol Serum once or twice in the evening to achieve fresher and more youthful skin.