This time of the year, one of our most popular home care systems for facial care is the Regenerating Kit. This powerful formulation includes botanical stem cells to help fundamentally renew the skin. Stem cells nourish skin cells, reducing wrinkles and smoothing the complexion. The kit includes our gentle creamy cleanser, a multi-stem cell serum and moisturizing cream. Of course, always finish with sunblock to protect the skin, even in winter.

Titok Naturals® skincare line is made with the highest quality, organic and natural ingredients, chosen to be effective and create healthy, even-toned, and luminous skin. Manufactured in small batches in a dermatological laboratory, Titok Naturals® was developed to reflect Eva’s exacting standards and holistic approach to skincare, beauty, and wellness. Created to be good for the planet as well as the skin, the plant-based products are formulated with effective botanicals, essential oils, and minerals.