Titok Naturals® Preoperative Care

Because clean, healthy and hydrated skin better accepts surgical procedures, our patent pending non-medical Titok Naturals® Preoperative Wellness Treatment is recommended for use a few days before surgery to prepare the skin and remove excess cells and bacteria. 


Before surgical procedures on the face and body, Eva recommends her signature patent pending non-medical Titok Naturals® Preoperative Wellness Treatment to detoxify and deeply relax the body as well as exfoliate and hydrate the skin. This ensures that skin prior to surgery is clean and healthy. The benefits of non-medical Titok Naturals® preoperative care includes faster healing, a more natural look and better results. The lymphatic system is located throughout the body; its circulation is activated only through massage or exercise. Maintaining the flow of the lymphatic system is important to remove toxins, impurities and free radical cells. Eva’s signature treatment helps to strengthen the immune system, enhance cellular immunity and improve skin tone. With these benefits in mind, Eva recommends one non-medical Titok Naturals® Wellness Treatment several days before surgery to prepare the body and lead to optimal recovery.

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Excellent personal service! I really felt like I was glowing inside and out after the treatment. Eva’s experience shows. She takes the time to talk with you, find out your needs and your past experiences. You feel that she is really focusing on you and your body, not just waiting for the next customer. I really felt that I was the special client of the day.

Rosalind S.