"When I encountered
healing delays,
Dr. Poulos referred me
to Eva for
post-surgical care."

Non-Medical Pre and Postoperative Care

Because clean, healthy and hydrated skin better accepts surgical procedures, our patent pending non-medical Titok Naturals® Preoperative Wellness Treatment is recommended within few days of surgery to prepare the skin, and remove excess cells and bacteria. Just a few days after surgery, when stitches are out, our patent pending non-medical Titok Naturals® Postoperative Wellness Treatment should begin on the face or body to speed up healing, relieve pain and minimize swelling. To preserve healthy skin and extend your beautiful results after surgical wounds are healed, we advise the Titok Naturals® home care regimen and ongoing maintenance treatments. 


“Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery is not magic — it’s a process. Surgery by definition is injury and with any injury there is healing that must take place. With skill, and utilization of the best technologies, this period can be minimized but never completely avoided. This comes with a temporary emotional price when the high of deciding on a change clashes with the reality of recovery. This is the time that having expert care for swelling and bruising using lymphatic massage and just the right products can make all the difference. For me, Eva is that special provider with the ‘healing touch’.”

Stanley G. Poulos, M.D. Plastic Surgery Specialists


”I contemplated plastic surgery for a few years and after extensive research chose Dr. Stanley Poulos and felt completely confident that I was in the best hands possible. When I encountered healing delays, Dr. Poulos referred me to Eva for post-surgical care.

I walked into her beautiful salon and fell apart, so many emotions had been pent up and I somehow felt safe to open up in Eva’s presence. She greeted me warmly, without any judgment and assured me that I wasn’t alone to feel distraught under the circumstances.

With each session, I felt my spirit revive under her expert touch and I left feeling more optimistic about my end result. Eva is as kind and compassionate as she is skilled an earth Angel and healer who helped me physically as well as emotionally. I highly recommend Eva to anyone considering plastic surgery and I look forward to seeing her for an anti-aging regimen to maintain the result of my procedure.”


“As an aesthetic surgeon, having a go to skin specialists is a must. Eva has been that for me for many years and is a treasured asset to our patient care.”
Dr Stanley Poulos