We yearn for a dewy complexion and smooth skin. Healthy beautiful skin needs cleansing, nourishment, and protection. Warm weather brings new challenges for your skin, and hydration tops the list.

Titok Naturals® hydration systems are based on 40 years experience and knowledge. We call our product kits “systems” because they are formulated to yield the best results when used together. The Titok Naturals® toner, cleanser, cream and serum are formulated to work synergistically. Each individual product is created with powerful ingredients that will improve skin tone, texture and appearance. When the entire system is used each product builds on each other. Within a week skin improves and exciting changes are evident.

In the spring we focus on hydration with the Hydration Kit. All of our products contain exceptionally effective ingredients for skin hydration, including hyaluronic acid, shea butter, avocado, jojoba and rose hip oil. The Hydration kit is created for those with truly dehydrated skin who need to restore skin moisture with a combination of effective ingredients.

Throughout the Titok Naturals® skin care line we include ingredients to hydrate and heal the skin, including antioxidant Green Tea extract, Clover Flower extract and Vitamin E.

Cleansing is the first step in the simple Titok Naturals® regimen. The Cleansing Milk smells wonderful and the creamy texture cleans without making the skin feel dry. The Hydrating Toner balances the skin’s PH after cleansing to help product absorption. The Hydrating Toner can also be used throughout the day to freshen and hydrate the skin, even over makeup.

The next step after cleaning and toning is Titok Naturals® Serum. The Hydrating Serum is formulated with smaller hyaluronic acid molecules to deeply penetrate and hydrate skin. Directly after serum, Hydrating Cream with shea butter is applied to provide a moisture barrier. The cream also includes plant collagen for smoothing lines and wrinkles, and Vitamin E for fighting free radicals and promoting collagen production.

All Titok Naturals® products contain healing and hydrating ingredients, but we formulate products based on skin concerns to make it easier for our clients to target their key concerns. We clearly list the active ingredients on our website so that you know exactly what ingredients do and why we use them.