Get everything you need to turn your skin around in one, compact package. Titok Naturals Hydration Kit features three products that are specifically created for aging, dehydrated skin.

Step 1 Cleanse: Cleansing Milk

Step 2 Correct: Hydrating Serum

Step 3 Moisturize Hydrating Cream

The first step is gently cleansing the skin, preparing the skin for application of correcting products.

Our Cleansing Milk leaving your skin clean, calm, and soft, and smells heavenly. Our serums are used in the correction phase of your skin routine. Hydrating Serum is intensely hydrating and formulated to attract and maintain intense skin hydration and youthfulness. Ultra-Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: helps preserve suppleness, elasticity, and tone, improves skin functioning. A copper-based protein-complexed mineral renews on a cellular level. Aloe is tremendously healing, and algae extract helps with inflammation and moisturizing. The final step is a moisturizer to lock in hydration. Finish with our beloved Hydrating Cream. Titok Naturals Hydrating Cream is infused with plant collagen, which smooths, locks water in the skin, and improves appearance of lines and wrinkles. Plant collagen holds water to skin, smooths and improves appearance of lines and wrinkles. Shea butter provides protective moisture while a trio of nourishing oils support the skin’s lipid barrier. Vitamin E fights free radicals.