A natural part of aging is loss of skin elasticity, especially in the most visible and inconvenient places; that is, our neck and face. Our neck and decollete is often subject to premature aging because of the quality of the skin (thin and delicate) and the lack of proper skin care. We see our patients who’ve religiously treated their face with proper cleansing and care, but have neglected the neck and decollete. With this in mind, we’ve assembled the Firming Kit to help focus on that area with targeted products.

The Firming Kit features Titok Naturals Rejuvenating Serum — a multi-peptide booster treatment with low molecular hyaluronic acid — as well as our Neck & Decollete Salve. This kit ideal for patients 45 and over with dry, sun-damaged or mature skin with lines, wrinkles and discoloration.

One of the most effective ingredients in the Rejuvenating Serum is SesaFlash. Derived from sesame seeds, this ingredient instantly and visibly smooths and tightens skin while offering long lasting hydration. The Neck And Decollete Salve features Pepha®Tight, a microalgae extract that works to tighten lax skin and lift the area around the neck and jowls.

To use, gently massage a quarter-size amount of the salve in the morning and evening into your neck and décolletage area on top of the appropriate serum and cream. Apply a few drops of the serum at night to the same areas, avoiding the eyes.