The approach of autumn means daylight starts to shorten and students (and parents!) prepare for back to school. In our area, as beautiful as it is, autumn means fire season, and the possibility of lower air quality. When smoke affects your lungs it also affects your skin. What is the solution for deep cleansing and hydration when you can’t get to the spa? A home facial kit to fill the gap.

Continuing with our theme of self-care this month, we offer an at-home facial kit. Plan a day to soak your feet and drink tea while a special cleansing and exfoliating cocktail beautifies your skin. Facial in A Bag was created to give you options when you need a skin reboot. The kit offers a chance to kick back at home, enjoy quiet time while becoming more beautiful.

Facials are a way to rejuvenate and refresh the skin, and are especially effective when transitioning from one season to another. We’ve prepared this special kit and instructions for your perfect, relaxing and effective home facial.

Deeply cleaning and exfoliating helps protect the skin from these environmental factors. It also sloughs off the dehydrated, dead skin cells, readying them for nourishing antioxidants. After exfoliation, a rejuvenating mask is applied to protect, regenerate and stimulate the skin. The mask helps reduce inflammation and heal the skin. Lastly, the Antioxidant Serum includes high-potency Vitamin C, recognized universally for its ability to heal and protect the skin. The result is a beautifully refreshed and healthy complexion.

Key Products included in Facial in A Bag:

EXFOLIATING PEEL This gentle flower acid-based peel dissolves devitalized cells, exposing a more youthful appearance. Apply to face, neck and décolleté and relax for 3 min. Remove with our gentle cleanser, washing thoroughly with tepid water. Active ingredients include Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower and Lactic acids to provide non-irritating exfoliation while nourishing the epidermis. Vit-A-Like plant extract stimulates cell turnover, reduces fine lines and promotes a more even skin tone. Tego® Cistus and Stemlastin are included to protect DNA, reduce inflammation and protect from environmental assaults like smoke and dry air while encouraging skin rejuvenation. Acti-White targets skin pigmentation.

REVITALIZING MASK The revitalizing mask detoxifies and balances skin with Bentonite and Kaolin clay while stimulating cellular regeneration. Seaweed extract and Aloe use nourishing properties to repair skin. Colloidal Silver is an antibacterial that reduces inflammation while essential vitamins and antioxidants renew and repair skin.

ANTIOXIDANT SERUM The high potency multi-C and Ferulic Acid cocktail drenches the skin with an infusion of powerful antioxidants, and offers protection from UV damage. In addition, Astaxanthin is used because it is the strongest antioxidant vitamin in nature, and combined with Ferulic Acid and Emblica antioxidant, skin becomes softer, healthier with more even skin tone.