According to skin-care experts, overwashing your face is common — and it can be just as troublesome as not washing your face enough. If you have dry or flaky skin that’s not just seasonal you could be overdoing it. There are a couple ways to get back on track. Titok Naturals Cleansing Milk is a light, soothing and calming and cleansing milk that hydrates while cleaning. Amazing, right? Our Cleansing Milk gently removes makeup, reduces redness and combats dryness. If your skin is still feeling tight — and let’s face it, Winter can do that — try out Calming Serum. This anti-inflammatory calming serum relieves dry, itchy and allergy-prone skin and is a lifesaver for those suffering from eczema and other skin disorders. Gently apply a few drops of Calming Serum to face, neck and chest both in the morning and evening and voilà!